Marten Leijon

Marten Leijon

CEO, Microfinance Information eXchange - MIX

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Marten is the CEO of the MIX. Between October 29th and November 2nd he will be answering your question and comments about how objective data and analysis is strengthening the sector.

Marten Leijon has many years of experience in leading advisory, information and research businesses, with a primary focus on financial services. Between 1999 and 2008, he led several global practices within the Corporate Executive Board (CEB). As Managing Director in the Financial Services practice, Marten was responsible for the development and growth of information products and executive networks in insurance, service delivery, and retirement services.

Marten also served as Managing Director for CEB’s Operations & Innovation Practice, launching and growing several new benchmarking and information products and overseeing the growth of services to the most senior executives in Operations and R&D. Prior to joining CEB, Marten led client engagements in strategy, service operations and growth at McKinsey & Company’s Financial Institutions Group. He also has extensive experience in strategy, operations and analytics across a broad range of banking and insurance businesses from ABN-Amro and European insurer Trygg-Hansa.

Marten holds an M.S. in Financial Economics and Finance from the Stockholm School of Economics.

  1. 464 days ago

    Lidia Siegel

    I think he is very competent enough for this role. Can you also check this Prostate Problems Thanks.

  2. 783 days ago

    Natalie Zuniga

    Welcome Marten to this week Speak Up!
    Really glad to have you available to answer questions and comments about Microfinance Information Exchange’s work and about the evolution of microfinance into a more comprehensive financial inclusion field.

    You mentioned several changes that you have observed within the last 10 years in the microfinance field, which one is the most impactful for the industry and why?