Claire Penicaud

Claire Penicaud

Claire is Market Intelligence Analyst for the Mobile Money for the Unbanked (MMU) Programme at the GSM Association.

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Claire works in Market Intelligence for Mobile Money for the Unbanked (MMU) Programme at GSMA Association. During the week of October 1st, she will be sharing insights about her experience in the mobile money sector to further advance financial inclusion and answering questions about the MMU Programme. Join the conversation below!

Claire Penicaud leads the design, data gathering and analysis of GSMA’s Mobile Money Adoption Survey, and ensures that MMU maintains its role as a knowledge hub for the industry by efficiently identifying and sharing mobile money intelligence. Prior to joining the GSMA, Claire worked as a consultant at Hystra Consulting and spent a year doing research on mobile health at INSEAD’s Social Innovation Center.

She graduated from Sciences Po Lille with a specialization in Social Innovation and holds a master degree from Ecole Centrale Paris.

  1. 806 days ago

    Natalie Zuniga

    Welcome Claire to our Speak Up section! Thanks for sharing your time and insights about mobile money, this increasingly growing sector that is opening doors to further promote financial inclusion.

    I have received a question about: How do you envision the growth of the sector in the next years? And if you think mobile technology will be enough to achieve full financial inclusion?

    Thanks for your answer!