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Join this week’s Open Dialogue to discuss trends, challenges and opportunities for environmental and energy projects across British Columbia!

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  1. 847 days ago

    Jessica Hannon

    What is the most pressing environmental challenge in BC right now? And–what group or individual is seeking solutions to it in a creative way?

    • Matt Dickson

      While I think it impossible to pinpoint just one environmental problem in BC from the long list of many, I would suggest the best, simplest and yet probably the most creative way is to put a price on all the positive and negative environmental impacts our behaviour has (these are often referred to as negative and positive externalities). By doing this, you ensure that we take these impacts into consideration every time we make a decision, and thus you encourage behaviour that has more positive impacts and discourage behaviour that has less negative ones. Whether putting a price on positive and negative environmental impacts is mandated by government or implemented by local community groups and not-for-profits, the outcome is the same. A good example of mandated pricing on negative behaviour is BC’s carbon tax. By putting a price on carbon the government is ensuring that we take the cost of carbon emissions into consideration whenever we consume fossil fuels, and thus we consume less. A good example of a local program that puts a price on positive behaviour is Cowpower. By paying farmers for the positive environmental outcomes generated by building anaerobic digesters (reduced greenhouse gas emissions, enhanced environmental protection, food waste diversion from landfills, increased water and food safety, and reduced farm odour), Cowpower increases the occurrence of this behaviour and thus the positive impacts it has.

      846 days ago

  2. 847 days ago

    Susan Bazilli

    What can we do about this??? http://www.vancouversun.com/technology/ Feds+walk+away+from+environmental+ assessments+almost+projects/7125419/story.html

    • Sonia Bianchi

      Really interesting article Susan and integral question, how can we hold private businesses accountable? Can communities play a role in monitoring these types of projects and assesments?

      847 days ago

  3. 852 days ago

    Darian Kovacs

    How do you think we could get more cars off the road?

    • Sonia Bianchi

      Really great question Darian! That’s such an issues, especially in Vancouver as you mentioned. I’d love to hear some people’s ideas for solutions to this issue. I know car-sharing programs and companies are really popular in the downtown area, but what about the suburbs?

      849 days ago

    • Jessica Hannon

      Better & more widespread bike infrastructure–including more separated bike lanes. In the suburbs and smaller towns, community planning needs to shift away from thinking of the car as the mode of transportation and connection: if its not easy or convenient to walk or bike from your house to the grocery store, cars will remain the default choice.

      847 days ago

  4. 852 days ago

    Darian Kovacs

    What are ways to help the fact that Vancouver is the second worst congested city for traffic in North America?